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Wants to support: North Lyon County FFA – High School Greenhouse Project

How would $10,000 help? Northern Heights High School has been working hard to fund a greenhouse, to implement project-based learning into the curriculum. This year, the school created a school farm through generous donations from local farmers and grants. Next year, the goal is a self-sustaining greenhouse (potentially run on solar energy) with the intent to eliminate or greatly reduce our local food desert. The FFA would sell enough to maintain the harvest and donate the rest to local organizations.

About Misty’s photo: When my son was 6 years old, he asked his grandpa if he could rent a small part of his large yard. His grandpa said yes, and Leo’s sweet corn business began. Leo is now 11 years old, has purchased his own 4-row planter and small tractor, and has tripled the land he farms. He learned his business sense and hard work from the generations of farmers who came before him. The traditions of a farmer never sleep. The power to do more is strong in Lyon County, KS.

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