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Wants to support: Narrow Gate Horse Ranch

How would $10,000 help? Over 4,400 children are living at or above the poverty level in Howard County. Narrow Gate Horse Ranch (NGHR) connects “at-risk” youth in the area with horses. Horses have a unique ability to “mirror” what human body language and behavior tells them; this connection helps participants to develop skill sets, discipline, responsibility, and accountability. NGHR focuses on helping children develop emotionally and addressing behavioral issues. Through their relationships at NGHR, hope is instilled. Self-esteem improves. Gifts are identified and utilized.

About Susan’s photo: This photo shows three of our four grandchildren, the fourth generation of ZZ Farms. As the saying goes: Children are our future. Our family, as well as Narrow Gate Horse Ranch, are committed to using the gift of agriculture to brighten the future of the children we are blessed to have in our circle of influence.

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