Lynn Heins from IL

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Wants to support: Annie’s Project – Education for Farm Women

How would $10,000 help? Women now manage nearly one-third of the nation’s farms, and that number continues to climb. Annie’s Project empowers women to be successful farm partners and managers, with a unique methodology that helps build strong rural community networks. A $10,000 donation would help them reach more women, helping to enrich the lives of farm families and support vibrant rural communities.

About Lynn’s photo: It may look like just another photo of a combine, but look closely and you’ll see a community banded together during crisis. The farmer who planted these beans in the spring didn’t live to reap the harvest; he died in a farm accident during the summer of 2017. Life has a cruel way of marching on. As the crop matured in the fields, the community pulled together to harvest the bounty for the farmer’s family. It was the most touching example of resiliency in a rural community.

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