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Wants to support: Williamsfield FFA Alumni & Friends

How would $10,000 help? The Williamsfield School District is “small but mighty” — a preK-12 school, all under one roof. A gift of $10,000 would allow our alumni group to purchase new tools, educational materials and equipment for our school’s agriculture department, which currently is under renovation. The updated classroom and shop will expose students in 5th to 12th grades to modern agriculture techniques and career opportunities.

About Marsha’s photo: A new shiny red playground barn in our small-town park symbolizes the power of what people can do when they give their funds, time, talents and hearts to attain a common goal. Together, our community demonstrated the power to make life better here and meet the mission to “Raise the Funds. Raise the Barn. Leave a Legacy.” Nearly 160 donors and volunteers ranging in age from FFA members to farmers in their 70s raised that barn with farmer ingenuity and a passion to serve that runs deep in our farming town of 600 people.

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