Kara Boughton from MI

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Wants to support: East Jackson Elementary School

How would $10,000 help? East Jackson Elementary is a Title 1 city school serving many low-income students. All the students here qualify for free lunch and breakfast. The majority of students and their families live in subsidized housing developments or trailer homes. Many are considered homeless, living in hotels, with other family members, or with friends. These children have few opportunities to enjoy experiences common to many children their age. The money would help to fund field trips to places like our local nature center, zoos, museums, camp, local farms, and other community locations.

About Kara’s photo: This picture was taken of the special education students at East Jackson last year. They visited Michigan State University Dairy Teaching and Research farm thanks to contributions from the Donors Choose program and local contributions. They were overwhelmed with excitement at the wide open spaces on the farm, the size of the dairy cows, the equipment, and the milking process. I still hear my students talking about what we did that day.

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