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Wants to support: Kellen Morrison Memorial Scholarship Fund

How would $10,000 help? This scholarship fund was started by Kelly & Julie Morrison when their 8-year-old son, Kellen, passed away from Burkitt’s lymphoma. Since then, the fund has given scholarships to seniors graduating from Logan-Magnolia community schools, as well as funding projects in our community parks. A $10,000 donation would help this nonprofit continue to fund its work.

About Rhonda’s photo: This picture shows the class of 2025 that Kellen would have graduated with, at the dedication of the new basketball/tennis courts the Kellen Morrison Memorial Scholarship Fund helped to make happen. It also shows our band shelter, beautifully renovated with help from the fund. Now they are working toward better lighting for night games and more park equipment for the kids to play on and stay active outside.

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