Kelly from Indiana

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Wants to support: Cayuga Park Board

Dream sports field: Wrigley Field, Chicago, Illinois

About Kelly's photo: This photo represents four generations of Cheesewrights. My dad (seated) was a fourth-generation farmer, and he is holding what I hope to be the seventh-generation farmer on this same homesteaded property. I am standing to the right of my father and am currently the operator of this fifth-generation family farm. My son, standing to the left of my dad, is enrolled at Purdue University and studying ag economics. His plans are to come home and join the family operation and be the sixth generation of farmers in this family.

This picture is taken in the original home, where I live. We are standing in what was one room of a two-room house built in the 1860s by my great-great-grandfather, who came over from England from a family of cheesemakers. Hence, the name Cheesewright. If you could only imagine the pride and passion I have to keep this tradition alive for generations to come. We are so lucky to have the opportunity to be the stewards of such productive land in this great nation. We are incredibly fortunate to raise our families on this land and protect our heritage. My father and I value this land and our water resources so much that we began no-till farming 32 years ago and currently practice it 100 percent in our operation. Cover crops are now a big portion of how we protect this precious land. I could go on and on about how passionate we are about this life called farming.

Thank you. Kelly