Matt from Minnesota

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Wants to support: Worthington Area YMCA

Dream sports field: Fenway Park, Boston, Massachusetts

About Matt's photo: "Home sweet home" is a commonly used expression, eliciting thoughts and feelings we may have about the soothing, soulful comforts of the places we lay our heads. "Farm sweet farm" is perhaps more appropriate lingo for our family. In raising the fourth generation on our family's farm, we have come to realize the stirring of the soil, sprouting of the seeds and harvesting of heaping grain bins and wagons is more than just an occupation. Rather, it is a nudging of the soul. It is a calling to nurture land, care for livestock and ensure a legacy for generations to come.

"Farm sweet farm" means an entire day can be fueled by commitment to purpose and country sunshine. When ambition moves a 10-year-old to step into his chore boots and head to the barnyard where his 4-H calves line up proudly at the gate, work ethic is born. When collecting the eggs becomes a 5-year-old's daily ritual involving learning to count and "chicken chatter," responsibility is a natural existence. When two little heads with waving hands pop up over the horizon midharvest, an honorable farmer remembers his work is in the acres, not in the hours.